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Monthly Income Plan

Solid Business Plan

 Whether your goal is to make an additional $500 per month or $10K a month, you will know exactly what you need to do to achieve this. Hear about our compensation plan. Residual income, bonuses, and more.

The concept is very simple. When you simple share this business with others, the value is often instant. Since the company doesn't advertise, the market space is not saturated. Meaning the more you share it with, the more you will enjoy 50% commissions from everything they buy. It doesn't stop there. Our compensation plan pays at 7 generations, making the power of sharing that much more valuable for you. Want to help others do the same? Our leadership points and growth of others makes your income become More! When a company is based on the in-demand, highly needed and consumable items people need and use, you will earn Residual income, bonuses, and MORE! 

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Referal Plan:

It's Simple, just refer:
2 people = $50/Month
4 people = $100/Month
6 people = $150/Month
Month 1 Goal: Refer 10 =$250 
Bonus: $200

Now it Gets Exciting

Help 1 Person Refer 8: $500 bonus (Do it in 4 months = $1000) + residual ($975 average)
Repeat & help 5 people Refer 8: $4,000 Bonus 
Residual Income: $3,836-$8,992 Plus $500/Mo. Car Bonus + Keep Growing!