Work from Home? Fact or Fiction

The idea of working from home. You stuff a few envelopes and send them in the mail, earning you $5 per envelope. Life is easy, just stuff 1000 a day and you got it made. Fact or Fiction.....?

We all have been there. Go to Google right now and type the following phrase "work from home jobs with no fees". What did you find? Were you surprised to find over 3.7 Billion results? CLicking thru these results yeilds "work from home opportunities" such as "no fee envelope stuffing companies". Why the "no fee" headline? This is very simple. Exploring amny of these work from home jobs or free online jobs that pay instantly headlines, has landed me belly up with no extra income. Many of these offers require you to sell or promote offers. When you think of the term "work from home" you envision working for an hourly rate for a company. Some of these types of trasitional jobs do exist online, however you must be established with the company prior to taking the job to online status.

In my quest to determine if work from home jobs are fact or fiction, I landed in the humana realm. As many know Humana is the nations' third largest healthcare insurance provider. The company claims work from home telecommuting jobs from home. A listing of these humana at home jobs can be found HERE (Many are for Nurses and customer service). I personally applied for a few of the Registered Nurse online jobs, however never hear back from the compnay.

Typing at home jobs no fee

The ever popular "typing at home jobs no fee". It is pretty simple, type 1000 words and get paid. At least this is what these typing from home and get paid jobs claim. the only true work from home typing jobs I feel are legit are medical transcriptionist positions. These are tough to come by, hover I do know a few people who after completing a transcription course found a job working from home. For the most part typing refers to posting your affiliate link, thus making you money if someone clicks it and buys what the offer is. Today, the internet is flooded with affiliate marketing claiming to be work from home typing jobs. We see the headlines constantly all over social media: "Internet jobs from home no invenstment". Guess who is posting the headlines? Yup, you guessed it, the person "working from home". Busy away promoting another company's business. Yes affiliate links do earn you money, however you may post 1000 ads before making a single sale, thus you didnt earn X amount of dollars per word types. Be extremely cautious of these type of work from home job offers.

There are truly ways to make extra money from home. You can always sell things online, create your own products, promote your editing services or gigs on as an example. The terms "working from home" typically will result in entrepreneur type ways of earning extra money. In other workds, you are building a business related income, not paid by the hour by your employee.

How to make money from home online

Typically you will find a fancy picture such as this beautiful sports car, flying down the road. You will instantly want freedom and an easier life. You will click on the link with the headline "800 weekly stuffing envelopes" and think...I can do that!

You click the link and supply all your information and land on a new page. For just $39.75 you can get the kit you need to stuff envelopes and mail them. You pay the fee and wait desparately for your package to arrive. You can't wait to stuff 500 envelopes a day and then tell the company to pay up. Your package arrives, your so excited. You open it to find flyers promoting the same service you just paid $39.75 for. You mail these to people you know or have addresses for and when they pay $39.75 for the "home job" you earn $10. You mail out 1000 over the next few days. You wait and wait but nothing happens. You actually spent money on postage and ended up losing a few hundred. You see, the majority of work at home jobs are misleading.

I recommend work from home companies. Places that partner with you and pay you based on referals or helping them advertise. Of course avoid thinking this is an hourly wage and rather "how good are you at promoting and recruiting". The bestter you become at refering and promoting, the more people will partner with you and the business, thus growing your income. Entrepreneurs think differently than by the hour, rather by the investment of time and know-how.

The next time you find yourself typing "how to make moeny at home legititamely", understand most will be business oriented topics. This is the mindset you will need to be successful. If you are great at making bracelets with cute little charms, you will need to be great at selling them. I share this as I reflect on a past "get paid from working at home" job I signed up for. I paid $1 for all the supplies to make cross necklaces. Now I just had to sell the for $10 to flip a $9 profit. I was good at making them, terrible at selling them. In the end I gave them away as gifts and never made a penny.

Work at Home: Fact or Fiction?

If this is your vision except at home, making hourly wages as a call-center operator or data analyist, I must warn you this is mainly FICTION.

You must apply and work at an on-site company before working from home for the company. I recommend this before paying any fees to work from home. Enrolling with a company is different. This requires an understanding of the business compensation plan. Notice I didn't mention hourly pay. If you are truly looking to work from home, I highly recommend you learn the skills needed to become an entrepreneur and build a business income. Stop wasting fees from company's claiming to pay you by the hour.

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