Why I lost $10,000 online and how I covered it up...

I was 23 when the first package arrived at my house. I remember it like it was yesterday. Althought embarassed I had used some of the grocery money to make this purchase, what my then significant other didn't understand was "I was going to get rich with what was it that box." I rushed home after work, opened the box in between the angry comments I was getting. I took out the CD and the book and couldn't wait to get started. I think I paid somewhere around $197 for this box of "riches". This was the first of soooooooo many purchases I was about to make over the next 10 years.

As you guessed by now, the box was junk, I was more embarrased than ever. I loved my job and enjoyed the money I was making. I think then the original calling to make money online was simple. I wanted to be able to say I could do it. The quest for being successful was in my blood, thus driving me to keep spending all my free time trying to make it online. I must admit that I had no idea what on earth I was doing. I was joining every e-mail list I could, joining every person onlien claiming to make millions online. It was easy all the headlines stated. "Just click here and in 3 simple steps the $97 dollar payments will roll in like magic!"

The first time I heard of affiliate marketing I was soooo excited I couldn't sleep. I mean sometimes when I think about the possibilities it still makes my mind race. I must admit the idea of posting links, having people buy other people's products and I get a chunk of it was simple amazing. All I had to do was post it all over social media. Back then there weren't as many social media platforms and I jumped in early. I posted links and promised the same riches online "I was making". WHat's the harm is alittle white lie?

After struggling, jumping from company to company, offer to offer, thinking this was going to be it, I quit internet marketing. As my nursing career continued, I obtained by BSN and then my MSN and enrolled into my Doctorate, I continued to think about online marketing. I decided to give it a few more times. Now what I didn't tell you in that I was in a network marketing company and I did ok. I made about $5,000 a year (basically paying for my products I had to buy to be a member). I enrolled 20 people, however it wasn't easy. i had to personally talk to about 1000 people to get the 20 to enroll. After they enrolled they asked questions and crabbed at me because they couldn't enroll anyone. I offered my time and talked to people on their behalf. It became overwhelming and I was burning out. I just wanted t0 end everything and be content with my life and the fact that i couldn't make it online. Then I got an email...

This email claimed that I would make $1500 commissions from 7 different companies on auto-pilot. I wish that I could write that by now I've learned my lesson and deleted it, but you guessed it. I didn't! In fact I joined and used the credit card I just received (for an entirel different reason) but there I was enrolling in all 7 of the companies. I paid $2800 in total and was all excited to make my first sales. As usual the system required me to have some idea of what the hell I was doing. Since I didn't and thought the "system" would do it for me, I landed flat on my butt, again! Now I can another credit card maxed, no income to show and was feeling like a failure. Here I am a guy with a Masters degree, a director, and headed to the top of my field, yet I couldn't make a single sale online. What a loser I am!

You guessed it, I quit again and told nobody about the thousands I was spending online with my credit card. I was impulsive, joining every list I could, opening email after email, thinking the enxt would make the difference. As I lay in my room with my puppy Sasha at my feet, I decided to unsubscribe from every list I joined. I was sick of buying and buying and getting ripped off all the time. I was feeling miserable and my energy was drained. My mind set was gone. I was not thinking positive at all. I lay there deleting email after email after email. I was ready to quit for good! I was tired of all the debt I was in. Tired of lying about how nothing cost anything and they were free offers. If I would have told my family the hundred and thousands I was spending, while saying no to my kids for things or crabbing about the bills, I would have died. I had to stop! Then once again, I read an email.

Yep you guessed it. Instead of deleting the email, I opened it. I took a deep breath and told myself to avoid the hype and not get trapped with the false promises. The weird thing is this, it didn't promise me a bunch of hyped riches. I totally related to the story the young girl told me and I quickly felt like maybe this was something different. In teh hour long video that wouldn't let me click on anything, I started to learn that I never listen. I always click and click and want to get started. This forced me to stop and listen. As I listened, I began to feel differently about my journey. I knew then I had to put in the time if I was oging to reap the reward. I mean after all I had to go to college, write papers, listen to professors, and spend years climbing th eladder in my healthcare porfession. Finally, a lightbuld went off in my head. I knew I needed to spend time before doing the same thing.

The nect 14 days was nothing but learning. I was able to get my mind back on track and put positive vibes intot he universe. I stopped envying people who made it online and started listening to them. I watched the videos, did the homework, followed the advice of the coaches, took lots of notes, and invested in mysleft everyday. I stopped looking for an easy answer or solution and decided to take a baby step per day. Things made sense. I had to curve my over whelm and enthusiasm to prevent doing the same stuff I did for the past 20 years. If I was going to be successful, I needed to apply myself and avoid the next shiny object.

To be honest, I tried everything in my power to go all in witht he training and done for you help by the team, however I was flat broke. I couldn't get a loan nor credit card. I knew I had to spend the time and energy, following th elead of the coaches and videos. I spend another 2 weeks implementing, learning, trialing, and staying focused. Yes I spent more money, however the difference was this. I was actually getting results. You see my efforts turned into leads. My leads turned into engagements with my content. After time the engagements turned into sales. I now wake up to 107 new people in my list and 1 new sale (That was actually this morning. Happy Birthday to me!)

I am not some guru. I am a guy who was sick and tired of wasting all my time and money on all the fake crap that floods the internet. Today there is a countless number of social media platforms, saturating the internet with get quick rich schemes. I no longer use these platforms to make money. After social media is to be social, not spam everyone with your damn offers. Yes I use it to share my success because I am happy and love the likes and nice comments. I am a human like you! I learned the right way to market, drive laser targeted traffic to my system, where I differentiate myself. Wow, look at me! I am talking more like a marketer and less like an amatuer, angry about losing money!

Here I am now, making sales, generating leads and feeling better about my quest to become a successful online marketer. I spend about an hour and move on. My efforts to build my list and use automation allows me to have more time at home. I am spending less time on my business than ever, while making sales. I will continue to invest in myself, help others, and provide value to as many people as I can. Why? Because I want others to feel what I am finally feeling. Maybe its been 20 years for you like it was for me, maybe it's been 6 months. Regardless, I don't want anyone to struggle. I wish I would have actually listened to the right people back then. No sense in living in the past. I shared my story in hopes it may relate to you. I share my story to show you that it's not just you. Making it online it hard. Running blindly into the night with all the best intensions is pointless. I use to think the harder I worked, the more likely I would to become rich. Makes sense...Right? I couldn't have been further from the truth. I didn't need to work 20 hours a day to make it. Work smarter not harder is finally resonnating with me like it should have years ago. I can stop being a hypocrit and actually live by my own words. All this because I opened an email and had some faith. I had faith in my dreams and faith that if others can do it, then so can I. Here I am now, 43 and a little bit wiser than when I first started. I spent 20 years struggled, knowing that the jounrey will still be a struggle. At least I am on the right path and knwo what I need to do. Results keep getting better thus making it all seem worth it now.

Stop covering up your pain and struggles and get some real help. This helped me and I know it can help you. Slow down, take a breathe and listen. You will learn to crawl, then walk, then run. Give it time and patience, and I promise you that things can change.

Take a breathe..click here and let the story that changed him show you that there is actual hope for people like us!

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