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We are in the business of helping others that want to help themselves

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"We are in the business of helping others that want to help themselves", Josh stated one Tuesday evening during a team call. I had never thought of this way, but it makes perfect sense. I once was looking for help and when Bill told me about the business it just made sense. I was looking for help for multiple issues. I wanted to protect my family better (just never knew it). I wanted to work out again like I did in my 20's and 30's. I wanted to enjoy more time with my family and most of all I needed to make extra money. I was looking to help myself.

Helping Others

The wildest thing about helping others is never know when it is going to happen. Many times you try to help others and it is not accepted. This is ok and you can't worry about this. Some don't need help or they don't know how or when to accept it. I encourage you to continue to keep them close to your heart. Someday your help will be accepted. It needs to be genuine and for no other reason but to help. Never be cynical. People will see right thru this. If you truly can help others, they will feel it, connect with it, and thank you someday.

I was at a point where I finally accepted help. I let people into my life at a firendship level to actually solve the many problems in my life I kept closed. I accepted the help initially with a skeptical attitude. You can't blame me for being skeptical. Many people had "wanted to help me" in the past. Many people claimed to have solutions for me. Many people would argue with me if I was less than satisfied due to their "solutions". I would often receive "well you must not be any good, because I make $1000 a day doing this!" Of course the more they pushed me to stay was motivated to keep their personal income growing. I threw my money at these types of people, until I finally stopped.

I must admit, it felt GREAT to get this "help" out of my life. I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders. "Push button" this and "instant" that. Buying things that jusstressed me out an dmade me feel worse about losing more money. I needed to refocus and figure out what I needed help with. I knew I was in a mess. I wanted better for myself. I wanted something I felt proud of and not embarassed. I finally wanted to tell my friends and family I had my own business. I had "worked online" for so many years but never made any money. I felt sneaky as I bought system after system and always came up empty handed. People laughed at me when I would send them "links" promising the same things I fell for. I simply had no integrity doing what I was doing. I wasted hours awlays looking for the next "shiny" promise.

Flash forward and here I am hearing Josh make this statement. "We are in the business of helping others that want to help themselfe."

I couldn't agree more! I want to help myself. I have helped myself. I helped my arthritic pain. I helped my family have a safer and healthier life. I helped others do the same. I feel amazing and satisfied. This makes the whole journey that much easier. If you are struggling, make sure you are finding people that truly want to help you help yourself. If it seems way to good to be true then it probably is. Noone promised me riches and fame. No one promised me miracles. I was simply made aware and educated. They extended their hand and I accepted. When I set goals they help me push myself to reach them. I always feel safe and welcomed. I am helping myself and so blessed that someone was in teh business to help me.