Virtual Networking Leads to New Business Growth

#NetworkMarketing is the lifeline of your business. In our new COVID-19 world, network marketers are in a position to leverage technology as compared to live social events, where trading business cards, ideas, and elevator pitches grew your business. #onlinebusiness and #homebasedbusiness growth doesn't have to slow down because your network events have stopped.

I ddi did an experiment. I used an online marketing platform to make connections. The platform I used is MLM Gateway. I have been an active member for the past 5 years. I typically reach out to people on the site asking them about their business or simply saying hello. Then it hit me today! I was like, "Ok, if I were at a live network marketing event, how would I approach someone and talk to them?" My little reach outs online would not do the trick. In fact, I'd probably get some cold shoulders. The point is this, if you cant put in some extra energy when talking to someone at a network marketing event, why would they give you any of their energy?

So here is what I did today to get more responses and treat MLM Gateway like a live network marketing event! This is what I did.....

My Bright Idea for Making any Online Platform Feel Like a Network Marketing Event....

First of all, I am only reaching out to people interested in Network Marketing. This is my niche for this little experiment.

I sent 50 connection requests today: 25 of them were the typical approach. The approaches that yeild me a low response rate. "Hey Joe, Nice to meet you here on MLM Gateway, I'd love to hear about what your doing." Usually 1-2 out of 25 will respond. I want to do better than this. In fact, I want to receive back 15 responses out of the 25 sent using my bright new idea. Here it is:

"Hey James, Nice to see you here at the Network Marketer Supreme event! Thank god we able to attend our network marketing events! You notice me with a large group of people. We are laughing and I seem to be the hit of the group. You want to make a quick, ever lasting impression that will take my attention away from my little crowd and onto you. You are intrigued at how I was getting the attention you want. New connections, new people to talk to, share ideas with, and of course your business solutions. So how do you do it? What line will you use as you walk up to me that will drive my attention immediately to you?"

Virtual Network Marketing can be done live, via E-mail or chat, or making new connections. The basic fundemental idea around Virtual Network Marketing is to act like you are at a networking event. Put a little effort into intriguing the person into starting a conversation with you. I will let you know how my little experiment goes. I'll show screen shots of the responses I receive and provide you a new leverage in your home business building adventures.

Now that you are reading this blog, how would you respond to my Virtual Network Marketing approach? How do you plan on getting my attention (or that person you want in your business because they are so radiant and seem to be attracting everyone they come within 20 feet of)??? What will you say to begin the network process that someday will lead to new growth in your business? Drop a comment and let's have some fun helping fellow network marketers!

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