Top 4 Ways to Use Facebook to Prospect for your Business

"A lead is someone you just talk to, a Prospect is someone who talks back" -John Green

Facebook is the #1 Social Media giant that attracts billions of people around the glode. It is intended to be social, thus using the incorrect way will not help you build a home based business. these are the top 4 ways I have enrolled people into my business using Facebook.

#1 : Posting in Facebook Groups

The trick here is to interact with others, be social, strike up conversation and turn a lead into a prospect. Remember, prospects may enroll in your business right away, 3 months from now, or even next year. The key is to be social, be trusted, and offer value to people. Don't try to sell to people in your post. These posts lay dead all over Facebook. Don't be that guy!

Your looking for business builders for a global opportunity! Oh wow, how amazing, I think I will just message you as you are going to lead me to the promised land.....

As you can likes, no comments, no leads, NO PROSPECTS


Don't tell me what to do, ok...Only my mom can do that!

Same group... honest question...showing I am a real person with goals. I am not promising the world, rather sharing my expereince. It seems a little curious..."OMG what it is that he does"

This turned into conversations and 2 business overviews. If you read my last post one of these prospects said no and I simple stated "if you know anyone that this would be a great fit for please free to send them my way!" JUST BE SOCIAL...It's called Social Media for a reason!

# 2 Create a Fan Page

I have avoided this year after year because it seemed like too much work. The concept makes sense. Find a nich, attract people to that niche, write great conetent, turn leads into prospects, and enroll people into your home business or convert sales.

I am now a 100% beleiver in the power of Facebook Fan Pages. In my example, I created a fan page involving my passion of Green Cleaning Prooducts for your home. People like my pages and content and as I continue to add value and share solutions, people have become more engaged. I recently enrolled 2 people who want to start their own business! Let me show some of my content. You can always check out my fan page LIVE GREEN HERE

Build a Catchy Face Book Fan Page

This is a great way to demonstrate your creativity, humor, self expression, while attracting the people you want to partner with. The best part is content can be easily shared! Back to referals...when others aren't ready to enroll they share with their friends who are!

Posts receive High Engagement when you have Fans!

People who like an dinteract with my fan page are interested in what I can help them with. If these fans were all about sports then this post would be dead in the water. SPend time attracting people to you and your posts will become more attractive, interactive, and people will want to enroll in your business. This landed me 2 new business partners and lots of new conversations. REMEMBER this fun fact...adults need to hear information 7-9 times. As I keep writing and sharing content, they will continue to hear it!

#3: Your Profile and Facebook Wall

I don;t tend to take people seriously who swear on their posts, share graphic pictures, nudity, and vulgur. Maybe this is the targeted audience you want, so who am I to judge. For the most part you want to be yourself, share your mission, and entertain those who view your content. Try to mix it up with entertainment, humore, informational posts and follow up with responses whne people comment. These are leads and prospects. Get to know them. Find out a pain point and help them solve it. That my friends is exactly what having a business is all about. We are just doing it on line and from home!

Be Positive and Be Interactive and be social!


# 4 Make your Own Facebook Group

There are a few ways to use your own group to help increase your business income. In this example, I was totally blown away when money was transferred into my paypal because people in my group wanted to rent my pinned post space! Fortunately they know how to use Facebook groups and have grown their business so much they want to book for next year already! Thanks $50 per week per pinned post!

I am a Nurse and a helathcare worker. I created a group to attract Nurses to online business and online jobs. This group has reached over 6K members and is very interactive. I have new friends, new business partners, and additional cash sent ot me all because of this group. If I had the time to prospect I would be an executive in my company like those who paid for th epinned post. Maybe next year I will be the pinned post...Hmmmm!

Let me show you how interactive this group is!

This is a great example of how to post in facebook groups!

75 comments and lots of interest!

This person in my group has enrolled over 20 people into her business just from The prospects she has met in my group!

Here is another in my group doing well...

Nurses love hollistic care and the idea of cannabis is a big hit!

TIP: I read the comments and join in and make new connections!



I have 300 new members to write a personal welcome post too! they will all receive a notification that I recognized them and let the interactions begin! Let me show you how this is done!

I posted whis while writting this Blog Post....Comemnts, likes, hearts, and even a few clicks to my landing page within seconds. More leads, prospects, friends, interaction. This is what Facebook is meant to be! Use it the right way and you will grow your income, your businesses, your future.

If you are a medical professional and want to join this fun and ineractive group...


I hope these tips and methods help you grow your home based business and your income! Stay safe, stay well, and god bless!

Thank you for reading my blog at workwithjohngreen


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