Top 10 Worse Home Based Businesses and Why

10 COMPANIES TO AVOID When Trying To Build a Home Business

10. LulaRoe

Remember when I said avoid paying a lot of money for inventory? This company requires $6000 in inventory to start!! Imaging buying all this plus you can't even chose what styels you get?NO THANK YOU

9. Rodan + Fields

This company loves to promise stay at home moms a way to make money , earning high priced vacations and more simple selling their "acne" skincare line. At $150 a bottle, the products creates multiple, horrible side-effects in people. Imagine selling this to a friend or family member?

8. Herbalife

Over 350,000 people lost money with this company, causing the Federal trade Commission to send them checks! Poor marketing and false promises uses mediocre, high prices products.

7. Nerium

More skin care! Anti-aging skin care that costs over $250! Go ahead grab some fake before and after pictures to make some sales. The products contain white oleander, which is toxic!!

6. Monat

Haircare products offering you a way to sell and make serious cash! The only problem, the multiple lawsuites from people who buy the products. Fasle claims, poor products desiged simply to make money.

5. IT Works

This weight loss company uses before and after pictures based on false claims of burning off fat and cellulite in 45 minutes. The products are not backed with science evidence and no support by the FDA. Products are over-priced and require marketers to buy huge amounts in order to "have a business"

4. doTerra

This essential oils company was founded in 2008. Direct marketing and sales in essential oils is HUGE business. The high quality grade of the oils can't be proven, while making multiple false claims to cure ailments. Marketers are faced with false claims and lies to make sales.

3. Amway

Everyone knows someone who sold Amway. Founded in 1959. the company is based on low aulity, over-priced products that require you to spend thousands on products, tapes, seminars, and coaching. Many people I have met tell me they only buy Amway products and deal with them in roder to have a business.

2. Le-Vel

This health and wellness company was founded in 2012, offering vitamin nutrition patches. Sell our high priced majic patches and make a lot of money! More false claims, high hopes, and people feeling worse than when they started.

1. Nu Skin

Founded in 1984, this personal care products company has paid out tons in settlement fees after promising people earnings they were never allowed to receive. Another company with a bad reputation offering people the world.

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