Critical Activities to Build a Business

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Business was founded on relationships, connections, networking (before the age of the internet). Mentors and coaches from all business walks of life will tell you the same thing. There are critical activities you must be able and willing to do in order to build a business. Whether you are building your business online, offline, or both, these activities will be the foundation of your daily activities, leading to solid growth.

Critical Activity #1: Build a Contact List. Think of this as people you know who would benefit from what you have to offer. How you grow this list is up to you and those who mentor and support you. There are some great strategies and innovative ways to grow your list far greater than your immediate circle of influence.

Critical Activity #2: The approach. Thi sis an art form that I particularly love. WHile I don't recommend you call someone on your contact list and talk their ear off about your amazing business opportunity, I do recommend you get to the point. Small talk is fun, however if you call me out of the blue after 15 years, I know it's not to talk about the weather. Mastering the approach takes you to the next critical activity.

Critical Activity #3: Setting Appointments. If you follow me you know that setting appointments is critical for business growth. Why? Its a way to connect with someone open to what you appraoched them about without them having an immediate pre-conveived attitude about your business. If your posting links all over and approach someoen, well figure it out. I already know about such and such company and not falling for your scheme. Setting appointments shows your serious about your business and have the posture needed to share the solutions it provides while openly and honestly exploring if it's a good fit for them.

Critical Activity #4: You set the appointment and now your providing an overview of your business. It is important you use key words and phrases to help connect how this business can help them. The close is the key. Coaches and mentors can help you with these types of "awkward" conversations. I love closing with "what was the best part of the overview?" During my presentations I love to share from being a customer to a business builder. My closing statement is "So, Jim are you a number 1, 2 or 3?" I make a number #1 (customer) fit into anyone's life as it naturally does.

Critical Activity #5: Follow-up with your overview contacts, follow up with initial contacts, follow up with your appointments. FOLLOW UP PERIOD. Get organized. I have white boards in my office, use my I-Phone calenders and set notes. Following up shows people you are a serious business owner.

Critical Activity #6: Keep people engaged. Customers are great for any business, but engaging them to grow is even better. "Hey Sue, so it's been 2 months since you became a customer. How are you liking the products?" "Wow that's great. I love them too. Hey can I help you get them free simply enrolling two people?" Once you get 2 enrolled reach out again. "Hey Sue now you have two people are your getting stuff you love for free. How about I help you again so you can earn $100 bucks a month?" See how this works. Its simple, its not making someone panic they have to build a business and after a while they realize "wow, I just build a business!" This is the ultimate, best feeling and enjoyment.

Critical Activity #7: Stay engaged yourself. Go to business meetings, work with mentors, coaches, and always grow in self development. Never stop during the slow spells and dry patches. Building a business with strong roots and foundations can take time, dedication, and adaptation. Check out my blog for more advice, tips, and marketing solutions

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