Sasha playing in the pool...

I think by now it is safe to say that people want entertainment on social media. I post educationally and motivational posts and receive a few linked and comments from my 5K followers. Then I post a video of my puppy playing in her pool and BOOM 💥

I figure this. Life is hard. Life is filled with surprises, struggles, good times and bad times. Sharing something on social media that makes people smile and el good will always prevail. When you get a post like this don’t let it get away from you. You now have people sharing and commenting from all over Face boom. Can you say new people to say hi too and get to k ow? 🤔

Enjoy my video of Sasha playing in the pool. She is a good girl.. helping me make new friends on social media.

Watch it on Facebook and see my # of views, comments, shares, and reactions...WAY TO GO SASHA! CLCIK HERE

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