Making My First Dollar Online with my Business

I started my home based business April of 2018. At first I didn't know it was a business, rather me trying to partner with someone I met online to get his to purchase an affiliate link I was promoting. Little did I know that upgrade sale I got him to do was very little compared to what he got me to do. I had literally moved from an affilaite marketing, peddling links and flipping leads to sales to a home based business owner. My first dollar from my new home business came rather quickly. It is an interesting stry. One that contains a few lessons I learned early along the way.

How my Tuesday Nights Changed for good

After Bill introduced me to a few people after I enrolled, I was included and invited to a team meeting. Now I had no idea what this team was about. Heck, I barely uderstood the company. I mean I jumped into a zoom meeting, thought the people I talked to made sense, enrolled and suddently was on a team. Hopping on the zoom meeting that first Teusday night was a little strange, I must admit. I was socialable, however completely lost. The people on the zoom had been building a business for some time. I figured I would listen in and start doing my research. Afterall, everyone has to start someplace. Right?

I listened in and immediately started learning that this was a network marketing platform. How great to meet, talk, view, laugh and share ideas with a group of people from all around the country.I'll never forget the training schedule. The group shared that the next overview of the company was tomorrow night and to make sure to invite others who would love the company. I left the meeting and talked to a few of my social media contacts. I let them know that I had just enrolled into a great company and that maybe they would like it too. I couldn't tell them too much because I didn't know too much. You see I enrolled on pure will and because I liked my friend Bill. This would be my first overview too and I was excited.

All I did was invite a few people and that was it...

So now its Thursday at 6pm eastern time (we always had to say what time zone...learned that lesson fast!). I joined the zoom meeting and chatted with the host and my new marketing friends. I was desperately waitting to see if any of the people I invited logged in. To my amazement 2 immediate logged in after me. We chit chatted for about 5 minutes. The host began introducing the company. I'll never forget one of the guest I brought on made a statement, very loud....."OH it's so and so company, you never told me that" - She was asked if she was aware and had evern used the company. She said yes and that she shopped there years ago. After the overview, I finally had a solid understanding of the concept and felt more strongly about my decision. The first guest immediately enrolled and that was my first dollar I ever earned from the company. The seccond guest continued to complain about the past. The host actually paid off her past account and enrolled her for me. Lesson learned, she never did anythinng but complain and order and nt pay. She never invited a single person to a live overview or meeting and she never asked me to talk to anyone. Sh eliterally thought we should keep paying her way because her business had zero movement. By the time she finally left, I had repeated this process a hand full of times and had enrolled 8 or 9 people and my checks hit$300-$400. It was then that I realized I had a business.

The guy who helped me earn my first dollar with my business is still a partern over 2 years later...

Month after month, I earn money from this very same intitial enrollment. I mean, all I did was invite him to a meeting and he loved what he heard and saw. He remains a faithful customer and that helps my business growth every month. Now he never wanted to take the next step and do as I was and that's ok. He and his wife were and are to this day perfectly content just shopping monthly and enjoying all the membership perks. We stay in touch and they even thank me hear and there because of how much they love the store.

My Home Business before I knew it was a home business

I blindly enrolled in a store and fell in love with what the store had to offer. It's easy when you trust and love soemthing to share it with others. I never knew this could be a business. My volume is picking up, my members are happy, and my first dollar has turned into thousands since then. I never thought I had what it takes to be a business owner, but I proved myself wrong. People who take a little bit of action can achieve amazing things. Having a home based business doesn't have to be complicated or complex. It doesn't mean ou need to be amath wiz, accountant, or have special technical skills. I am a 42 year old Nursing Director. I don't have business expereince and never did. I can have a business simply because I do simple tasks like I shared and just keep doing them. I invite my friends, many of them fall in love, and my business grows. I share and motivate them to do the same and the rest is history So my first dollar was a surpruse to me because of how easy it came. My residual dollars every month are always received with a smile. Sometimes I can't beleive it, but hey this is my new reality. I hope you never think that first dollar online from your business is just a dollar. To me it was the first indication that what I had was something wonderful.

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