Lead Generation Strategies You Can Implement Immediately

With all your heart you try....You hope....You post...You Try...You Give up....

Let's face it...your lead generation strategies stink! I know it's the horrible truth but someone has got to say it. You post on all the social media giants and NOTHING happens.

Sound Familiar?


Let me share with you some of my favorite lead generation strategies that you can implement right away and see some results. Let that spark a passion flame and get you right back in the game (Hey...I just made that up!)

Lead Strategy #1:

This sounds obvious and is a no brainer....BUT People Forget to do it all the time.


the best way I get leads is to be personable and actually talk to people!

A lead is someone you know, someone you met, a new facebook friend and so on. DON'T forget to talk to them! Guess what? They have friends too....

Relationships are the key to any home based business. Treat these relationships like they are the heart of your business and for peets sake...give them a little bit og your time and let them remember who you are. STOP chasing after new people when you have plenty of people you already know. JUST DON'T BE ALL SALES PERSON ON THEM RIGHT AWAY

Lead Strategy #2

Not that kind of referal...but since your now talking to your friends and people you already know try the referal line...This always helps PLUS it sparks their curiosity...Let me explain!

"Hey Dan it's been great talking to you and reliving our high school years. I am so happy you followed your goals and married the love of your life. I know you are busy and focused on your job and family, but would you happen to know anyone who is looking for extra money? I mean a friend that you could connect me with that could beenfit from the Wellness Company I recently partnered with?" TRY IT...IT WORKS!

Lead Strategy #3

NOW FOR THE TECHY STUFF...Unless your like this guy!!

First of all...know your audience! The example I am going to share is for Home business builders who need leads. WHY? Simple...if I can help people find leads and fix their problem...they may want to "hang out with me" and HOW do you do this? Simply give them something free. On my home based business website I give away a Free E-Book that shares a secret location for people to connect with other business people. The E-Book shares strategies for getting leads. In order to get this E-Book...you guessed it...you give me your lead.

For those who can build landing pages and understand all the technical stuff GREAT! For those who don't....no worries. It's not that hard. For starters you need a place to create landing pages and build a list. My personal favorite is Constant Contact. (Link takes you to the free tiral page)

It is simple to create a landing page and add files such as PDF or E-Books. Most of the E-Books I give away I have purchased or received. Just make sure they are allowed to be shared with others. Here is my Landing Page for the Free E-Book sharing the lead generation techniques for people building a business or in network marketing (MY Niche!)


My TIP: Go into Facebook Groups in a niche similar to yours and offer them your free gift. A way to get more leads and start the conversation sooner is to write a post as follows:

Tweet this to your friends and they will love you for it!

"WOW! My friend read this great new E-Book that helped him get 7 new leads for his business within a few minutes. ;-) - Unbelievable...He gave it to me and I am so excited! I am paying it forward to anyone in this group who could use some cool new methods to generate leads for your network marketing or home based business. Just ask in the comments and I will get it to you"

When someone messages how or ME with their arm up moji (seems to be popular these days)....I connect and send them the link in messenger. People need to contact me to get the link which in turns gathers their information and triggers my emails to drip to them. This is marketing at it's finest!

Lead Strategy #4

She's not buying it but I have and they work if this is done correctly!

I have purchased leads before and guess what...they jsut cost me money because I didn't know how to work them. This is a 2 PRONGED Lead generation and convert strategy. I use a little place called FIVVER

At FIVVER you can buy leads PLUS Hire SOmeone to Convert them for you...YUP I have been doing this due to my competing priorities during the pandemic. I am also working on my Doctorate....I buy 50 leads and pay $50 for a great online marketer to call them. THE KEY HERE IS THE SCRIPT!

"Hey (NAME HERE) this is Cherely (My Favorite Fivver agent!) I am reaching out to you because we received your lead information when you filled out the request for more information on a home business (Leads are niche specific). I am so excited to have John follow up with you on the Wellness Company he helps people partenr with. I just wanted to say hello and to keep an eye open for his email. It will come from (Email address) and a text from (cell #). ....."

Now I text them after the call and we begin our journey. Head to Fivver and start searching for people to help you!

I hope these tips and strategies help you on your business journey. We all deserve to do well...Stay Healthy...Stay Strong...and Stay Active!

Thanks for reading!

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