If you need more business leads begging for your help, you must check out this single place!

Hey it's John Green and as always thank you for visiting my blog. I want to share a place online that many people often pass by. This place has thousands of people asking questions like "Where can I work online" or "how do I get started in online business" - Aren't you looking for these people right now? I know I am...

UPDATE: While I shot this short video after spending 20-30 minutes answering questions, I added 3 new contacts and set-up 2 business overviews for my business. You don't want to miss out of Quora for growing your business leads and contacts. There are plenty to go around here.

Visist my Quora profile to see how I am doing it RIGHT HERE

Here is a screen shot from my Wix Account showing leads from my Quaroa posts!

These came in within minutes. When you use a website like WIX, you can message them back and forth in real itme. Quora is a great place to help people find solutions to "how do I make money from home"! I hope this post brings you business leads...share your comments and results. Thanks!

New Business Leads

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