How to Deal with Rejection in Your Business

Jia Jiang missed his dreams of inventing the skate shoe because he was afraid of rejection. In his book "Rejection Proof" he takes rejection head on. In order to deal with rejection, Jiang pledges to be rejected everyday for 100 days. You' ll have to read his book, but let's just say his attempt of improving his rejection leads to amazing possibilities. He quickly learns within a few days that when you ask others to do soemthing (even when it seems off-the-wall!) people may say yes. For anyone who knows the story and his Crispy Creme adventure, a crazy request turned into fame and possibility. After reading the book, I had to watch the Crispy Creme Video! Take a minute, you will see how Jiang literally forces himself to conquor his fears...I mean the guy threw away brilliant ideas to later get recognition over some donuts! YOU JUST NEVER KNOW! Watch the Youtube Video Here: Rejection therapy Day 3 - Ask for Olympic Symbol Doughnuts. Jackie at Krispy Kreme Delivers!

We often Let FEAR get it our way when it comes to our dreams. Consider your business for example. Many people I have worked with avoid calling or reaching out to people that may be a good fit for their business or are in-need of solutions their business offers. In teh end you are doing your business and the person an injustice. It's not intentional or on purpose. Most of the time it's due to fear of rejection.

Think of FEAR as False Evidence Appearing Real! Think about it for a second...Fear holds you back from things that can change your world. If Jia didn't tackle his fears he never would have pushed forward in life. By not taking action you avoid rejection but never reach your goals. Thats more fearful than anything! So what can you do about FEAR and about rejection?

Here is a little exercise

I want you to without thinking about it hit the speaker button on your phone. Now dial one of your business contacts and let the phone ring. Now it's too late to look back. Since the phone is on speaker I want you to stand up and just start talking to whoever asnwers as if someone just walked into your office or home.

This is exactly how I broke free from FEAR of talking to people on the phone. When my hands are free and I can walk around, I begin acting like its anormal conversation with a friend. Weird but true! Once you do this over and over again, it becomes second nature. The fear is gone. Some people may reject oyu and some may not, however your taking action that will move you forward. The ice will thaw and your frozen motion become heated. The more action you take without thinking, the less fear you will expereince. There are few other ways I face my fears and rejection.

I was asked to speak at the Truman Group with Cerner at the Cerner HealthCare Conference in Kansas City in 2017. I was giving a presentation on how to change culture and adopt changes. By the time I was on stage to present, the room was standing room only. I was so excited, however felt like vomitting! My heart was racing and my palms were sweaty. As I watched the large TV promptor in front of the stage count down the speaker's time right before me I closed my eyes. I had a choice to make. ONE, I could give an average speach and read my slides or TWO, I could go off script walk out into the crowd an dlay it on thick. Now let's bring John Green to the stage to talk to you about adopting technology change...

Without thinking I took the microphone and walked past the telepromptor and into the crowd. I said "hey, man is it hard to get people to change their ways. Take this conference for example. I'm suppose to go read to you my slides and present to you. Nope, hey buddy (I pointed to the guy in the second row), why do you think people hate change so much?"

He gave me some answer to this day I don't remember hearing because I was so pumped. I kept working the aduience and engaging them in change theory conversation and asking them to stand up and sit down and had them laughing. I used their energy to propel me back to my presentation. I remember saying "Wow, 10 minutes on my titel slide, I better at least see what's on the next slide." The crowd laughed!

I used humor and an attitude of confidence wihtout thought to go out there and just be myself. The group loved it and I was asked to come back again. To be honest, it was like an out of body expereince. I knew the content so well I didn't have to think. I just added me to the equation and gave one hell of a presentation!

In closing, dont let FEAR or FEAR of Rejection hold you back. If you have a dream go for it! Just DO IT...serously, NIKE had it figured out years ago. Your mind can be your worse enemy. Scale up your activities and they will become second nature and normal. this is how people get a head. Take some risk and develop new normal behaviors. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish!

I recommend you watch Grant Cardone, author of The 10X Rule as he does a live training with his sales team. In his book, Grant talks as he instructs his team to pick up the phone and call 50 people in 24 minutes. Th elook of panic turns into quick actions without thought. Action leads to results and FEAR leaves. This training is perfect for anyone with a business and FEARS rejection or what may lay on the other end of the phone. CHECK OUT GRANTS TRAINING ON YOUTUBE HERE

Until Next Time,

John Green

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