How Passion Can Make you Income

Dangers of Cleaning Products

Let your passion drive your business

As you build your business, think about this single question:

What do you lead with when marketing your business?

If your answer is the promise of income, chances are your leads and prospects are going to pass you right by. Let's face it, everyone wants to make more money. The question you really need to focus on is How will they be making the money. Just like your JOB, if your no happy doing what your doing working is often painful. When you do what you like and what your passionate about, it will never feel like work. Why the picture of Cleaning Products? This is one of my many passions and why the majority of my business growth is based on this methodology. Here are two example posts or conversations I have had with people. Can you guess which had greater results?


Post #1: "I can help you make $10,000 a month working from home. Start your own home business with my help and support. No start-up costs. Solid team support and business tools.

Post #2: 'Way too many people die of cancer in this country. It doesn’t have to happen! I’m sick and tired of seeing the legal ads regarding chemicals linked to cancer. Products you put in your homes and expose to your family... these GD manufacturers and CEOs are well aware and yet they just want to make a buck!

Why do I educate people on this All the Frigging time? Simple..I’m sick and tired of people being sick and tired and dying at the expense of big business.

Now I am seeing more and more Johnson and Johnson Products ( As they admit they were aware their products contain cancer causing chemicals! WTF)

Here is my thought.. if it has a child proof cap maybe it shouldn’t be in your home 🏡

Screw make America great again.. focus on making your homes safe - Lets start there America!!"

Dangers of cleaning products

Post #1 was placed in multiple work from home, how to earn money online, be your own boss types of groups. Actually, I posted this add and picture of the fancy sports car in over 100 facebook groups. I was able to obtain 8 leads of which zero joined my home business.

Post #2 was placed in 4 facebook Cancer groups. In one of the groups I had 8 conversations and shared my solutions to all of them. In another I had 23 comments. I have shared my solution to reducing cancer by swapping out your home with safer products with over 45 people so far. Like me, all of them are extremely passionate about risk reduction of cancer and ensuring safety in their home. We all want better for our family and loved ones and would rather interact over the solutions my business offers versus the money angle.

Lead with your passion

I promise you will see better results when you lead with passion and solutions. Of course we can all share our why. Many times your why can be solved by the business, not just the income. When I meet people who tell me they need more time freedom to be with their sick daughter. I can not only show them a way to make their home safer, save money in doing so, save time from not driving to the grocery store, and reduce exposures making their daughter sick. The income is secondary. If I come at this parent who is stressed and unsure what to do with the "hey make $10K a month starting a business' angle, well you know how you would respond. The same way we all would. "Aint nobody got time for your false, spammy promises!"

If your not truly passionate about the business your currently in, maybe it's time to revisit what you should be doing. If your drive is just financial freedom regardless of the platform, chances are your going to fail. If your drive is a way to help people by solving problems for them up front, you will do well. Stick out from the crowd and stop promising the world. Lead with passion and you will help more people!

God Bless!

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