How I make online sales and leads in just 17 minutes a day

Before I tell you exactly how I am making online sales and generating hundreds of leads in 17 minutes or less, it's critical to understand the basic ground work needed in advance. I used to think hours per day were needed to make money online, establish a business base and nurture that base. This was my thinking for 20 years. I spent hours and money working hard online with mediocre results at best. Since implementing the techniques I am going to share in this post, I want totake a minute to identify the people I believe this will help the most. See if the following applies to yu and if so, pay closer attention than usual.

People this post is perfecct for....

The thing I learned over the past 20 years is very simple. The people I have met over the years include hard working moms, dads, and college kids. After working 8 to 12 hour days, rushing home to make dinner for the kids, get the house straightened out, and then finishing up the chores leaves no time for making money online. This was me for years. I waited for the weekends and spent 6 to 8 hours every Saturday and Sunday trying to add content, find leads, and approaching people one by one thru texting, calling, messenger, and any other media I could use. The people this is perfect for are people exactly like me. Working full-time in a slary position and going to school, I was sick and tired of wasting my time on Saturday and Sundays. Afterall, I loved playing guitar, skiin gin the winter, and working on my home. I needed a way to spend just a few minutes a day. I needed to figure out how to grow an online income and business while I managed all these other responsibilities. I needed a system that worked and I needed it fast.

The ideal person this post may be you. First you need to ask yourself a simple question. Why do you want to work online and earn money online? If this reason is strong enough (only you can answer that) then the contents of ths post will be helpful. If not then it's simply not your time. Ok? Ready? Lett's dive into how I am making online sales and leads spending 17 minutes or less per day. The answer may surprise you and you may think it's too simple. Facts are facts! Here I am on the leaderboard of my affiliate marketing company just 3 weeks after learning these techniques:

In my E-book "Cracking the Traffic Problem" I share some of the techniques I use to drive laser targeted traffic to my funnel an how I have automated follow-up. My E-book is Free to Dowload simply clicking here and then watching your email from me. I must warn you! The past month I have spent much more time that 17 minutes per day. I spent a few hours per night after work, learning and taking notes, speaking with my coaches, and following the step by step system I was provided. There was trial and error and "on the job training" as I implemented things that failed. How I hit the leaderboard is where I want to focus. You don't want to hear about what I learned and loss along the way. You want to know exactly what I do everyday for 17 minutes or less that leads ot online leads and sales on a daily basis.

Remember this Show? Here is my Step By Step Lesson on how I make Dialy Sales and Leads in 17 minutes a day or less!

Step #1: I use my Super Affiliate Funnel and tweak it based on what market I am trying to reach for the week. My Super Affiliate Funnel uses 3 speicific pages:

#1: My Capture Page - The headline appeals to those with a problem and offers my solution

#2: My Bridge Page - This is how I differentiate myself from the rest of the market and establish my introduction to my audience. This is crucial in building an initial relationship. My Bridge pages ar eusually 3 minutes or less.

#3: My Sales Page and induction into my automation email follow-up system.

Step #2: My Sales Page and Automation from the sales page is not my own. I use the marketing system from my the very company that trained me. The company automates emails using science to build trust,r elationships, and generate sales. In addition to the company, my personal emails are built and in automation. (More on this in Step #3)

Step #3: My follow-up - I have automated my initial messages to intriduce my new audience to me and what I stand for. Sales may happen at the initial entrance into the funnel or in the initial email automation. Once my subscribers complete the 5 days of my automation messages, they go into my bulk News Radio daily broadcasts. This brings me to how I only spend 17 minutes per day at this point in my business.

Here is what I do Daily to feed my Business pipeline:

#1: Set-up a traffic campaign using the exact metthods in my E-book "Cracking the Traffic Problem" (Grab your copy here as my free gift) - I spend 8 or 9 minutes setting this up with people I have reached out to and make connections (I teach this in the E-Book) Thats all I need to do to drive traffic to the exact number of people I want. Say 1000. With 45% conversion rate, this results in 450 new leads into my campaigns. Sales happen initially and later on from my follow-up system.

#2: I spent 7-8 minutes writing my daily broadcast email for the day or next few days. Using the "talk radio technique" has my audience engaged and interactive. My AM messages entertain and my PM messages provide sales.

There you have it! 15-17 minutes per day is all I am doing to drive leads and sales necesarry to hit the leader boards with my affiliate marketing company. Check me out on the leaderboards again! Whooo hooo!

The time I spent learning and mastering this Paid off! I have struggled making any type of progress online for years. That was until this came along. Even though it's only been a few months since, I needed to understand what was so different this time. After all I have spent thousands of dollars on systems and coaching that guranteed results. DO this and do that and start making moeny. Here was different. I was actually told to slow down a minute and wasn't allowed to go on until I did my homework or talked to my coach. It is for the exact reason that I allowed myself to hear, learn, understand and adopt the skills needed. I wnet from thinking I knew how to do it to not knowing anything and beginning from scratch. This took me to the leaderboards within weeks!

If this post appeals to you and calls your name. If this post speaks to you in a way that says..."hey, maybe this is finally the way out of the darkness and confusion"..... then take advantage of the same process that has me making sales online in 17 minutes or less per day. I call the technique the "slow down and get it right" technique so you can actually learn and implement methods that work!

Thank you for taking the few minutes to read this post and remember anything is possible!


P.S. - Don't forget to Read my E-Book to see exactly how I get laser targeted traffic to my super affiliate funnels and automation systems. I set it and forget it and enjoy my day now. Once you click and fill out the form, all you have to do is hit reply and you can message me anytime. I always read my message responses from my subscribers.

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