Home Based Businesses You Should Avoid

Everyone dreams of making money from home. Both network marketing and affiliate marketing make the dream possible, Before you waste your time, hurt people, and ruin your credibility, these are some companies you should avoid. YOU are your business. Connecting people to companies with poor reputations, fals claims, and high priced gimmicks is a reflection of you as a person. Here is a list of companies to avoid partenring with:

First, I want to draw your attention to some of the class-action lawsuites filed against many multi-level marketing (MLM) compannies (Click on the name to read the lawsuite...scary stuff!)

  1. Advocare International: The "toothpick scandle" - People selling $100 in toothpicks just to get another person to buy $100 in toothpicks to have "a business". Distributors are required to buy start-up packages in order to "make money pushing other people to buy start-up packages. The lawsuite goes on to describe how the company has fraudlant claims and how they tell distributors they aren't "working hard enough" after never earning a single dollar. Advocare distirbutor posts a salary of : $105,943 a year according to Google. Offering false-promises! Pay a $59 dollar distributor fee, sell and earn big! This is the dream, promising huge compensations and bonuses. This lawsuite is still pending.

  2. Arbonne: According to the lawsuite Arbonne is a "pyramid scheme masquerading around as a direct seller of health and beauty products". Distributors must pay annual dues, buy excessive Arbonne products, and re-sell them. The bulk of income to top Arbonne marketers is from distributors buying th eArbonne products in order to have a business. Products are identified as "over-priced" making it impossible for people to make moeny reselling them, thus driving money into the top pyramid schemers pockets.

  3. Young Living Essential Oils: The company that sells essential oils as a cover up and lie for "get rick quick scheme". Members are required to pay hefty fees to take part in the money making dream. In reality, 94% of members never earned 1 single dollar! 97% of members lost money with Young Living Essential Oils.

  4. Market America: The former AMWAY distributor JR Ridinger created a financial opportunity promising them something "unlike any seen in history before". People are shown to have spent $35,000 on products, seminars, and fees, never to make anything back. The company takes money from other people to sell products the company doesn't manufacture!

  5. Nerium: The company promises lifechanging income simply selling their "age-defying" creams. Only 1.4% of Neriums partners made gross sales of $10,000. After factoring in all the expenses, this s typically not a profit.

5 More Companies you Need to Avoid

Direct selling is a technique used by by companies to peddle their products. Consultants are paid for selling their products to their friends and family. These company have no physical store and rely on people to recruit people. Not all company's are scamms, however this is a list of the top 15 worse companies you should avoid during your research and quest to start a home based business.


Started in 2012. Ready to join this business? First you need to pay over $6,000 in merchandise that you don't get to select. Items can range in cost from $8.50-$31 with markup $18 to $65. Consultants must host parties, deal with inventory and costs, and make sales to earn any money. The company bosts if you host 1 party per week you can earn back your start up money in 4 months, The company states that women who fail here and those who lose interest or are frustrated easily. It's the old "stick with it and your bound to make some money"


Herbalife started in 198o, offering multiple health and wellness products. the Better Business Bureau has listed numerous complaints from custoemrs. The company makes it very difficult to return products or cancel orders. One product stated to help you lose weight was linked to acute liver failure. The products are linked to more harm than good in people. The company has expereinced multiple lawsuites due to product harm. The Federal Trade Commision sued Herbalife for providing misleading and false consumer information. People use the products in order to market their business.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay, the cosmetics company that preys on women! The company promises you riches, yet has had multiple class action lawsuites. Pressure to buy, buy, buy, leaves most Mary Kay salespeople left with products they can't sell and bankrupt. Women are expected to 100% positive at all times, selling, hospitng parties, and making money. Advertising false dreams and of course if you don't make moeny it's because your negative.


Isagenix sells weightloss and dietary supplemets. Many of the products make claims that are not backed by science. Product packages costs be as high as $800! The compensation plan is based on reselling products that are considered over-priced. Reviews reveal harmful side-effects from products to false claims of income.


This skincare company was founded in 2008. Huge lawsuites linked to money laundering, tax evasion, and false claims for curing cancer, makes this company overall bad. The company focuses more efforts on recruiting people than their products. This is a red flag for any company. The value needs to be in the products offered to customers.

Start-Up Business Owners can agree on a few things:

  1. Your Business should based on products and value provided to others

  2. Your business needs to have evidence to back up claims

  3. Customer retention an new custoemr growth should be over 90%

  4. A strong business appeals to the masses

  5. Customer satisfaction is high

  6. Low start-up costs

  7. Based on customers and NOT distributors

  8. Shares business reports

  9. Does not provide marketing pressure

  10. Treats everyone positive regardless of earnings or roles


I encourage you to continue your research as you look for a home business you can be successful with. I recommedn finding a company that can beenfit you beyond financially. This way you beenfit in more ways and take advantage of offerings the company provides. Not every business is the same and not every business will be successful, regardless of how hard you try. Many people have never made a sing $1 online or in business. In fact, many waste money. Avoid high start-up costs and requirements. I hope this provides a good start and can lead you to finding companies that can truly help.

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