Are You Wondering How to Start a Home Business?

2020 is the year where technology assists people in more ways than ever imagined. Technology is not the virtual classroom for kids in school, working professionals, even rock and roll bands who still need to practice and perform. You see it all over the internet. People strting home businesses, earning extra money and even full time income from the comfort of their home. Yet, millions of people are left wondering how to start a home business. Technology is a mere tool for business owners. Techlogy can take your home business into the future and beyond. I am not here to tell you what tools to use to grow your home based business, rather tell you how to start a home based business.

How to Start a Home Based Business

STEP #1: Brainstorming Time

This is people's least favorite step, however is the most important step. Instead of going online and googling home business or the top 10 easiest home based business to start, I encourage you to back it up a minute! Millions of people start business that fail. The simple reason is sad. It's not due to their lack of ambition, attitude for success, ability to do all the things business people need to do. It's not because they aren't good at it or even because they lacked computer skills. These are all tools and skills that will and can help anyone. The real reason people fail when they try to start a buisness from their home is simple. They lack true passion for what they are doing. We need to change this!

Take out a notebook and write the following phrase on the first page in large letters: "I am starting my home business because..." and fill in the blank. This is very common rhetoric for every business coach and mentor to use. If you don't beleive in your why you may as well throw in the towel before you start. Your why is just the tip of the iceberge in terms of your passion. How to start a home business depends on you. It depends on you digging deep and truly identifying what you are passionate about. Draw a big circle under your why statement. FIll it with things you are passionate about. My advice, the stronger your passion the bigger the letters. This is not to take away from the small passions. In fact, as you do this you may find themes emerging. My smaller passions are now used to grow my overarching passion, adding additional motivation and drive.

Here is what my first page of my business notebook looks like

Using my example here, I knew I needed a business that would allow me to educate others. It's simple, I am passionate and driven when I am in front of people teaching them. This is why I loved being a nursing director and why I excelled in conventions and conferences. I also love building an dleading teams. I did this for 23 years in healthcare. As I filled my circle I knew I needed a business that helped people, helped health care, and allowed me to socialize, and allowed me to include my freinds and family. It was important to me not to start anything I was embarassed about or unable to talk about to people I loved. This brings me to Step #2!

Step #2: Do Some Research

Start googling business based on your identified passions. I encorage not only to look at the business, but to look at people who represent the business. Ask yourself if this is you. Is this something you can see yourself doing, long term. Research the company, how long they have been around, who the CEO is, what do they stand for. Most people asking how to start a home business are going to be face to face with the millions of online businesses that promise them the world. This is a simple tactic used to pull people into the dream, take their money, and leave thems tranded. Spend some time with this step. If you are not in a business you trust, feel passionate about, supports your goals, you will not last. You will find yourself misleading others just to make a buck. This strategy leaves you feeling terrible. I recently joined a business team, against my gut instinct. I decided to give the person the benefit of the doubt, listened to the idea that all I had to do was pay for my spot and others would grow my business. I knew better, but decided to try it. Hundreds of dollars later I quit. Now this isn't my primary business, but it did side-track me from my business.

Step #3: Dedicate Space for your Business

Before you start a home business, dedicate space in your home. You business space becomes your work office. This ties you to your cause, your goals, your why and passion. This allows you to remove yourself from your business tasks, ensuring you enjoy your home. You need balance. You can't always feel you need to work while at home. This prevents burnout and also lets your family know when your working and when your not working. Your home is the place, your business is real and must be treated like a business.

How to Start a Home Business: Opportunites on the rise...

Business opportunities flood the internet. Try searching "how to start a business in ( add your passion here)". Starting a business will require an investment. I am not telling you that in order to start a successful business you can be proud of you will need to invest $thousands of dollars. Investment comes in many forms. The best form of investment is self-investment. For example, learning new skills to build your business both online and offline. I have invested many hours in learning how to connect with people the right way using social media. I would like to re-focus back to the actual cash needed to start a business. I have invested $500+ in businesses that never went anywhere. The bottom line is if you have an opportunity you need to get it in front of people tactfully. People don't know nor care if your business start-up was $1 or $100000! You become the business. How to connect, talk, approach, share, close, teach, inspire others will determine your business growth. Rest assured, ANYONE can do this. Back to self-development, coaching means someone caring enough to show you how to make adjustments that provide results.

If you are in the Market for a Home Business that requires N overhead, No paperwork, No special skills, and No start-up fees, I encourage you to set-up a time for an overview. This is my business. Remember from my circle, I love to teach and share and help others. This is what I do and I have never been happier. I will show you how to start a home business that you can literally begin building instantly. A business you can be proud of that most likely falls into your passion circle. It is my pleausre to help you get your home business off the ground. A simple, clear path that depends on you!


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