7 Side-Hustles Perfect for Nurses

The side-hustle has become more popular than ever! So exactly what is a side-hustle? For starters it is a way for people to earn extra money without "going all in". This way, you can try something "new" without losing your current job, position, or ranking in your company. SIde-hustles can turn into full-time careers or can be chalked up to nother "been there and tried that" experience.

When it comes to nurses, skills are something to boast about. Communicating, writing, telling storeis, understanding medical jargon, educating others, and following or giving orders are just a few "skills" in our toolbox. So what side gigs are perfect for Nurses and why? Here are my top 7 choices:

Writing or Blogging

I was hired to write nursing stories and articles for a Human resources/Recruiting firm. Teh gig paid me $200 for evrery 4 articles I submitted. Mainly I told stories and shared some of my management advice. For examples of writing I was paid for, visit my profile and article collections HERE at Nurse Guidance. This was a simple gig that paid well. Writing allowed me to captsure some of my favorite experiences as a nurse. It has helped me build a portfolio as I continue to move forward writing for medical companies. I found this side-hustle writing on UpWork. Com

Nurses can start their own blog and use it in a variety of ways. For starters, many blogging sites are free. Nurses can create education and then offer consulting coaching as an example. Many nurses turn to fitness, weight loss, and health to blog about and then offer their expert services. Blogging increases visitors and traffic. One way I added income in the past was creating content for blogs and then selling them. As traffic increases due to long chain keywords, value increases. Instead of flipping houses, you can flip domains for extra money. Blogging offers multiple ways of earning income. Another way is to sell space to others for advertising or as guest writers who need backlinks. Blogging and writing offers unlimited potential for nurses!

Online Teaching

Schools are switching their platforms and circulum to online. Especially now with the pandemic, more classes are offered online than ever. All you need to do is Google search "Online Nursing Teaching Jobs". My research has shown that many faculty who teach online courses offer $37 an hour and more! You can also search job sites such as Indeed, Glass Door, and Zip Recruiter to find positions. Many do require degrees such as MSN preferred and previous teaching experience.

Nurse Health Coach

You will need to obtain a certification in health coaching for this perfect side-hustle. Nurses naturally advocate for health and want to help people change their lifestyles in order to improve their health and well-being. Health coaching usually involves clients who wish to change their current lifestyle using improved diet, nutrition, and excersise methodologies. To learn more about obtaining a certification in health coaching, visit The National Society of Health Coaches

Affiliate Marketing

I actually made soe decent money in affiliate marketing. Basically I look for products that resonnate with me and my values. I then share them and "market" them to others. Nurses are liked and trusted as a profession. Start a website and share your values. Offer solutions that drive your audience to your link offers. Affiliate marketing makes you money when people you refer buy from thrid party companies or vendors. Products from places like Clickbank or Amazon affiliates for example can add additional income. I have earned extra money promoting health e-books and courses in the past. Online courses are available to help you get started in affiliate marketing. Nurses are natural at talking with others, sharing education, and stories. These are powerful ways to build customers.

Tele Health Nursing

SInce COVID-19, telehealth has witnessed a huge increase. Telehealth nursing involves consulting an dproviding care to patients over the phone or webcam. Telehealth nurses can average $22-$38 dollars an hour. Telehealth jobs require long hours and flexability. You can apply online to companies such as Well Now Urgent Care or Search in job classifieds online such as Indeed, Glass door, or LinkedIn.

DIrect Sales

Direct Sales really is a great side-hustle for nurses. Let me help you make the connection. Nurses who share information, teach, or offer classes, can follow this up by offering products alligned with the class. Spiritual healing classes using aroma therapy can sell essential oils as an example. Before starting any direct sales company, do your research! Nurses are great at research and will follow the evidence. Chose products that your passionate about and allign to your values, interests, and purpose. Direct sales can be a great way to earn extra income.

Start your own Business

Nurses are innovative, creative, and full of new ideas. Nurses can capitalize on their contirbutions to the world. A great place to read about some great nurse entreprenerus can be found at Minority Nurse. Read some of the great ideas nurses have had and how successful businesses are created. From nurse farming to worund pillows, entrepreneurship is perfect for nurses! It is this reason that Work with John Green was created. I am a nurse and I am a business owner. I offer simple ways for people to live safer, healthier lives through online shopping. This side-husstle provides additional income for me, while I pursue additional avanues in health care. Starting or building a home based business while still working is a perfect side-hustle "project".

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