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7 business strategy tips from successful entrepreneurs

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

1: Penny Elliott will tell you this simple business strategy every marketer needs to know: Research and Understand your Market

put in the work needed to know exactly what your business offers to others. Once you clearly understand this you can match your solutions to your ideal clients needs.

2: Justin Kulla will tell you to put in the hard work necessary. If you want to be successful you need to be able to do things better than others. It sounds hard but not impossible. Practice makes perfect and learning should be every day.

3: Execution is everything: You must solve meaningful problems for others. Passion leads to daily activities, when executed will drive solutions to those you know need the help.

4: Never stop building meaningful relationships. This topic comes up in almost all my posts. When you view everyone as a potential partner in your company, your contact list will grow beyond your wildest dreams. If you have solutions for people, partnerships will help them connect the dots over time.

5: Jon Acuff shares his thoughts about hustling. Hustling is about staying focused on things you need to do in order to be successful. Hustle does not mean simply doing more. My hustle is simple: I do the critical steps needed to build my business. Stay focused and enjoy small gains.

6: Guy Kawasaki of Canva shares his simple strategy: focus of activities that drive positive results. I like to go back to my pet peeve of lunging after every shiny object out there in internet land. It’s making money all right, for other people. Stop the distractions and focus on things that work. Get better at things that work and keep doing the things that work.

7: This is the best tip I have ever heard. Don’t be afraid to fail. Now don’t let failure deter you from trying again. One of my mentors has thought me to let the “no’s” drive me. I learn from them and get better. Sometimes I just remember that some people will never be open and that’s ok. Failure creates the best success.

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