2020 Home Based Business Ideas

Welcome to 2020! A year filled with more confusion fear, unemployment, and job loss than ever beffore. SO what are you to do about it? Social Ddistancing gives a whole need meaning to working from home. Why not join the millions of people who before 2020 and COVID-19 already enjoyed building their own business from home and enjoying this luxury. If having your own flexible schedule, unlimited growth potential, not reporting to a boss, being able to see your kids more are important to you, I hope these home based business ideas are helpful.

1. Start a Business using Fivver.com

I personally use Fivver.com to find people to help mehttp://www.fiverr.com/s2/ad3eeb90a5 with my business. This sitte is packed with people with special skills and talents. It' simple:

post your details of oyur gig, set your price and people pay you via paypal for your services. I have paid people to help me write content for my websites, help me drive traffic to my websites, help me build websites, create videos and images for my sites. People list gigs for sale in categories such as: Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translating, Video & Animation, M

usic & Audio, Programming & Tech, Business, Lifestyles, & Industry. This is a simple way to offer your talents to people who need your help. Many times I go here for a gig simply because I don't have the time to do it myself. I have spent $hundreds of dollars on Fivver.com

If you Don't want to use the site as your primary business, at least use it to help you grow your online business presence.

deas you find relevent in this article. I can't say enough about the site and how it helps my personal business thrive! There are even gigs on fivver telling you how to make money using fivver - The internet has tons of information and step by step guides for using fivve to make money.

2. Sell Your Stuff Online

First, find items you no longer use or need around your house. The easiest way is to sell them on sites like AMazon, Ebay, Listia, Oodle, Mercari (For a HUGE listing of places to sell your stuff online Click 65 places to sell your stuff for extra money

I recommend once you get the general concept and start selling your own items, you move on to garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores and begin increasing your home merchandise. Selling online is simple - take photos, post a description, and sell in on popular apps. The new apps allow you to ship all over the country, making your business a national business!

3. Drive for Uber/Uber Eats

One of my friends talked about this one day, the next day she told me she earned $255 that evening delivering food to people using Uber eats! WHAT?! If you have a car or bike you can earn money simply delivering food to people. For more information visit Uber.com

4. Start your own mobile car cleaning, oil change business

This is innovative and high in demand. WIth many local business still struggling, people still need their cars cleaned and oil changed. Charge a set fee to clean people's cars and change their oil. Rates can be set at $75-$100. People will pay -go to them! This is a simple and convenient gig to grow into a business. Of course you need to know how to change oil and will need to know the make and model of the vehicle in advance to have the correct filter and oil. Low overhead and in-demand!

5. Start your own Cleaning Business

As a kid I helped my aut clean banks and other businesses. I make $200 a week helping her a few hours in the evening a couple times a week. I can't imagine how much she was making. I know many people who do this for a living now. They work out of their home getting clients and then make schedules. They may even pay others ot help cover their areas as they grow in volume. Businesses need more cleaning than ever to stay compliant, demand is up and so is your rate! My only recommendation is if you chose this Please visit my LiveGreen FB page to avoid exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals. You want to make money NOT get sick!

6. Become an Online Tutor

Most paents are forced to be home schooling teachers right now. Many I talk to are not exactly enjoying this new role. Why not connect with people and offer to tutor their kids using zoom or goto meeting? Charge a small fee to make sure they are completing their assignements while helping them out. Start by reaching out to your friends and family memebrs who have school aged kids. As parents are called back to work as the country slowly opens, now is the perfect time to take advantage of this!

7. Open an Online Shopping Store

Online shopping is huge right now! Take advantage and offer people ways to get the things they need without leaving their home. There are multiple ways of doing this. You can build a website and sell items you make, drop ship for large retailers, or simple help connect people with shopping that pays you for the referral. The easiest method to start with no training or start up fees is referal based compensation for online shopping (MY personal Favorite and way I have earned money for the past few years). Connect with me to learn more about this simple, effective, and rewarding way to build your very own business without even having a store or being a salesperson!

I hope you have enjoyed these 7 innovative ways to make moeny with your own home based business. The key is to try something and stick with it. Over time you will build a business that is yours. Call your own shots and establish your own hours. You can do this!

Thanks for Reading!

John Green

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