How to Work from Home

In order to work from home, you need a few things. I am not necessarily talking about computers and cell phones (although important), rather some key adjectives. I will point you in the right direction for the where and what, but first the how. 

You are here because you want to know how to work from home. I mean, truly learn what it takes to give up the 9 to 5 and actually do the work necessary to build a monthly income on your own terms. Let me focus on what it truly takes to work from home versus having a traditional job.


This may seem like a given, yet this is one of the main reasons people fail when trying to work from home. When your not in the office or environment with a physical boss/supervisor, you are at risk. Many people say they want to work from home, however for various reasons they lack the motivation and drive needed. You may work for a company where you need to turn in reports daily and have deadlines, however most work from home jobs or businesses aren't like this. I like to compare this to my online school days. Let me explain a bit more.

I attended both traditional college and online college for my nursing degree. Traditional college was just that. In a classroom with an instructor. You turned in assignments when due or you felt a bit embarassed if you didn't complete it. You took tests on certain days and conversed with classmates, worked in teams, and so on. Now go to school online. This is avery different environment where you need to be engaged and motivated in how much you learn. Professors turn onto the resources to read, watch, engage with, and use. It can be easy to just get by when your home "attending college". Many of my virtual classmates lacked the discipline needed to stay on task in order to do well. Many procrastinated, leading to missing deadlines for papers. It is a different world and helped with my self-awareness. I personally thrived when I went to online school for my Master's degree. This is how I knew I had the motivation and discipline needed to work from home. 

How to find Work from Home "jobs"

When you think of "work" you may immediately think functional activities that use physical energy. Like the roadworkers outside shoveling or cutting down trees. Other forms of work involve physically making things in a plant on an assembly line. Whatever your definition of "work" is, now is the time to change that. 

I am going to share a few resources that will connect you to Work from Home Jobs to help support my definition. Work from home involves your ability to network with other people. The majority of work from home jobs refer to building a business. the "work" is actually creating a client base that wants what you have to offer them. It is not pay by the hour, rather paid for your efforts. The Peeny Hoarder has a great article on where to find work from home jobs (As you can see, mainly businesses ). Read the article: these are the best work-from-home-jobs we've found in 2019

Again the term job or work refers to earning an income by taking action on an opportunity that pays thru either sales, referals, or commissions. It is the same as if you owned a store and a custoemr walked in and purchased something from you (without the aggrivation of overhead, and employees!)

Positive Mind-Set

Your mind is either your best friend or your worse enemy when it comes to working from home. You want to know how to work from home? It's easy, you find a business that resonnates with you. A business that you know will bring happiness and joy to others. A business you want to share. What are you passionate about? What keeps you up at night? What do you want to spend your time sharing with others?

If your in a business your not passionate about...your mind will not allow you to do the things necessary to be successful! (100% Truth!) 

Like any business plan, if you take action you will grow. If you do nothing, well the world is not magic and chances are nothing will happen. The only person you can blame for this is yourself. You must take action and learn the critical steps needed to build a business. You must want this. Anyone can do this, however it is up to you! You can learn the knowledge, recevie the tools, BUT you must make it happen. 

Building a Business in not will test yourself and your mind. When times seem a bit down, flat, noone wants to hear from you, this is when most are vulnerable to throwing in the towel. Many of my entrepreneur  6-figure friends have shared their struggles, flat spots, and times they wanted to quit. It goes back to your passion. If your in a business that drives you, these flat spots are easier to get over. Like one of my great mentor's stated....."Just keep throwing the football....some will catch it and some won't. The more you throw the more you give an opportunity to catch"

Some months I throw more footballs than others and when my growth isn't great, well that's on me. No tthe business, not my mentors, not the governement, not my loud neighbor across the street even (LOL). You need to own your mind-set. Learn from it, connect with positive people who want you to do well. Avoid negativity that can cause you doubts. You DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR CAPABLE OF UNTIL YOU DO IT

Need a Business you can be passionate about, help others live better, avoid cancer risks and disease risks, reduce environment waste, and more?!  Just schedule a call with me today!

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