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Be there for your kids

From one parent to another, juggling all the daily requirements is not easy! Waking up early, getting your kids ready, off to daycare, to the office and home again. Not to mention risking a call from the school because one of your children is sick, forcing you to leave the office. 

Maybe your kids play sports and you had to miss the big game where your son made the winning basket or the parent teacher conference. I know how I felt as a dad, struggling to build a career and balance it with my three children. I missed out of a lot of their life and wish I did what I am doing now 20 years ago. It's not too late for you moms and dads out there!

Earn Money from Home

Work from home "jobs" have received a bad reputation. Too many people are misled into thinking they are working for someone at an hourly rate. Most "home jobs" are indeed home businesses. The important thing here to know is what will you be doing to grow a business income. 

Our home business opportunity means your building an income around your schedule. You can take advantage of technology, however don't have to! This is on your terms. We supply you with the critical activities needed to steadily grow your business income. 

A Business You Can be Proud Of

Any company you consider to work with needs to be legit and reputable. You need to be confident in the company, believe in it, and feel good about what your offering to other people. 

Work with John Green connects you with a U.S. based manufacturer of healthy, home products. The company is over 34 years old, holds multiple patents, awards, and solid reputation. This company takes pride it offering only the highest quality products and ingredients at affordable prices. 

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Work with John Green

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