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Remember my story when I was in Disney World and wanted to make a change? You may be wondering, How did I get started in this business?It was rather simple and all started with a conversation with William (the bald guy in the picture!) Once I heard the business and felt the support I never looked back. You can go as fast or slow as you want, however just GO!


Right Now, you may be at a point where you want to start a career, maybe go to college or learn a new skill. After 20+ years in healthcare, $100,000+ in debt from college loans for my Masters Degree, I decided to go another path. The best part was, I could use a lot of my skills I had in life and in healthcare and apply them. I did require some "polishing", "coaching" and "guidance" along the way.

Meeting William at convention was a life changing moment. William has been there for me every step of the way as I learned the business. He followed up with my team, provided strategy sessions, and helped me and thousands of others explore how to be influential. He is one of many marketing executives we can connect you with in order to grow your future. 

Online and Offline Support

Thanks to all the amazing technology out there, connecting with all the amazing resources and people in our team does not require you to travel or leave your home. We use free platforms like Zoom and Facebook to offer team meetings, 1 on 1 meetings, team building and strategy sessions. We aligned with the same platform our parent company uses, making it easier to stay engaged with everything going on in the business.  

Now is your chance...

Now is your chance to take advantage of all the training, team meetings, support, and guidance from marketing executives and leaderships at no added cost to you. Personally this has been like a free education to me as I learned how to perform the critical activities needed to build a business. Many skills are simple, however some need a bit of tweaking. Now is your chance to finally do something new, something for you and your family, something to make you proud. 

Now is your chance to own your very own business without paying franchising fees, performing book keeping, billing, or the other business activities people dread or lack the skills for. Now is your chance to take control of your life simply because you partnered with our company. Everything you need is right here for you!

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