John Green

John Green has been a Registered Nurse since 1999. Through his Military expereinces in the U.S. Army and leadership roles, John has helped transfer health care using his passion to drive change than benefitted those in need.  John holds a Masters Degree in Nursing Administration and is currently working on a Doctorate of Healthcare Administration. John's passion and goals include helping people all over the country live safer lives, stress free lives, and supportive lives they have more control over. John hopes to share a solution that will allow you tap into your true passion an potential, reshaping your life forever. 

Our Story

John  was introduce to the business becuase someone cared about him. It is truly that simple. While vacationing in Disney with his family, John chatted with his online friennd Bill. The thing John loved about Bill was he never once crammed any sales pitch or get rich quick schee at him like so many others. If you are on social media, you know exactly what we mean. The business tapped into John's inner passion, allowing him to lead others to safer, healthier, and thriving lives.

John was introduced to the nicest people who explained things to him. He felt no pressure, no sense of risk. In fact, the business made sense and his excitement took over. Now John did receive coaching and mentroship, which he used to grow into a Director quickly. From tehre John continues to grow and help others grow simply taking advantage of all the business and the team has to offer. You see, ANYBODY can do this. 

Time freedom means more special trips with his amazing family. 

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