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Disclosure: Work with John Green does not gurantee any income results. Th e purpose of Work with John Green is to help you connect with tools and systems that provide you the tools when implemented can earn income. It is up to you to take action and implement the learning you receive from any program Work with John Green points you to. 

My Short Story: How Building a Home Based Business Changed Our Life

2 Years ago I was at a cross-roads in life. Do I work a second "JOB" to supplement my salary income or do I start my own home based business. The decision became very simple when after my annual rate was capped due to budget cuts. I decided to no longer be at the mercy of others for how much income I was able to achieve. Starting a home based business opened new doors for me and pushed me and challenged me in ways that made me feel alive again.  

The beautiful thing about starting your own home based business? 

     I am the only person who DETERMINES my success! I chose to take advantage of every location as my "OFFICE". This has opened more doors in my life than I ever imagined. My newest passion is EXTREME AUTOMATION and leveraging the systems and technology to do 95% of th ework for me. This allows me to have meaningful connections with people on the other side of my business. Honestly, if your not enjoying the work then you may make money but end up giving up. Do what you enjoy! Do what you love and keep learning everyday! 

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